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Standard Request post!

Please comment here with all requests. By doing so, you help me keep track of my requests so I do not forget anything I have to do, and it helps me keep organized so I don't have to search through old posts for comments containing requests.

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Yet another icon dump. Most of these are recent, done on a series of requests of 'I need an icon like that!' or 'I havent seen very many of THAT scene!' by a friend. Some are comedic, a couple I don't really think are that good. But you never know what people will like. :D ♥ Well anyways, do enjoy.

Fullmetal Alchemist:
-Edward (5)
-Alphonse (1)
-EdwardxAlphonse (3)
-Envy (3)
-Wrath (1)
-AlphonsexGluttony (1)
-WrathxGluttony (1)
-EdwardxEnvy (1)
-Pride!EdwardxEnvy [Bluebird's Illusion] (1)
-Flamel Alchemy Circle [take 2] (1)

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (manga):
-Fayt (2)
-Albel (3)

Total: 23

*warning* Some of the Fullmetal Alchemist ones contain spoilers!

-Do credit starlitedreamsx or id_anonymous if you use
-Comment if you are taking: It encourages me to do more!
-Textless are NOT bases

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EdwardxAlphonse - Truth


Here is a set of icons I made *for the most part* after posting the previous entry. There are two repeats, please don't worry about that. I'm displaying them again as they are still fairly new. (within a week) A lot of these are fairly similar, but I was sort of working on a 'set'. And, of course, playing with my new brushes. I also happened to figure out how to do a unique background on one of them.

Full Metal Alchemist:

-Edward (5)
-Alphonse (2)
-Edward&Alphonse (1)
-Envy (3)
-Lust (1)
-Dante (2)
-Hughes (1)
-Roy (1)
-Sloth (1)
-Sensei (1)
-Shou&Nina (1)
-Alchemy Circle (1) NOTE: Chances are you can find an icon more or less exactly the same as this one somewhere. However, I made THIS particular copy from a screenshot by chochajin. And.. it has a border. >_>

Kingdom Hearts:
-Riku (1)

*warning* Some of the Fullmetal Alchemist icons contain spoilers!

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Eh, that's all for today. :)
EdwardxAlphonse - Truth


Contained herein is virtually every icon I have made to begin with: Both the good AND the bad. The very oldest of these is actually 6 years old, and 3 or 4 computers away. How it survived the journey I know not. Regardless, this is more a record of what I have as opposed to any really good finished work. The rules are still the same: You may take, with credit, and a comment.

Contained herein:
Fullmetal Alchemist:

-Edward (2)
-Envy (8)
-Roy Mustang (3)
-Envy/Winry (1)
-Lust (1)
-Kimblee (1)

Kingdom Hearts:
-Sora (5)
-Riku (21)
-Sora+Riku (1)
-Roxas (2)
-Axel (2)
-Marluxia (1) NOTE: Posted out of order to save space...

Final Fantasy VII:
-Sephiroth (1) NOTE: Too big for LJ
-Tifa (1)
-Rude (1)
-Junon Cannon (1)

Final Fantasy VIII:
-Seifer, Squall, Rinoa (1)

Final Fantasy X:
-Rikku (1)

-Alucard (1)

Naruto: It must be noted that I made these for a friend's roleplaying journal, knowing virtually NOTHING about the anime.
-Sakura (2)

-Vampire (1)

-Edward Fanart, hand drawn and scanned (1)
-Envy Fanart hand drawn and scanned (1)
-Sakura Colorbar (1)
-Riku Friends-Only Banner (1)
10x10 Icon Challenge Completion Banner (1)

-Icons (58)
-Fanarts (2)
-Colorbars (1)
-Banners (2)
-Total Graphics -> 63

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Phew, a post containing all my work over the past few days will be forthcoming.